About Us


Bit Reboot was established in 2016 by three like-minded individuals, born and raised in Qatar, with diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. The company was launched locally to provide numerous innovative online services for B2B customers. With the presence of an active local partner, the firm has a deeper understanding of the region's cultural aspects that adheres to the local community. Our team consists of multiple designers and developers who share the same vision and work together towards achieving the company's goals.


In a span of seven years, we have created an arsenal of clients with a strong online persona. From deploying eCommerce platforms to reinventing brand identity, we have developed solutions including mobile applications for iOS and Android, media hubs, scheduling and ticketing apps, online medical services, delivering brand strategies, and much more. Our portfolio and an extended list of patrons speak volumes about our creative ability and dedication to supporting client

We actively support Qatar's 2030 vision to carry forward a sustainable platform for local entrepreneurs and industries. Our long-term goals align with Qatar's economy, organically growing to accommodate Qatar’s digital requirements. We aim to be a prominent contributor in achieving the digital transformation of Qatar's National Vision through the full and active use of advanced technologies.

Our Values

Community - Our shared values reflect the image of a strong community that highlights a sense of belonging by engaging with the people and fostering community growth. We believe each company has the right to be placed in the market and experience their full potential, while creating visual media that is accessible for all.
Inclusivity - Our company's key belief is deep-collaboration from our colleagues, we thrive for inputs from our clientele to diversify the product outreach.
Integrity - Our company believes in doing the right thing and following ethical codes at all times. We believe in focusing on consistency. Our policies follow a strong ethical standards and practices.
Excellence - As a team, we believe in providing excellence in our services / products and client management.

Our Vision

To create an integrated platform through collective intelligence and digital innovation by implementing viable solutions for clientele.

Our Mission

To build profound solutions with distinctive designs through transformative approaches and contemporary systems that redefine the client experience.

Meet the Team

Our Timeline

Worked on multiple landmark projects for corporate and startup clients
Completed the 100th Project
Legalized and registered with Qatar Ministry
Founded and Initiated

Key Clients